All Nuggetfinder Coils are Designed and Manufactured in Australia.

We Don't Just tell you its a Great Product

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Polycarbonate Shaft Mount



Our Super Strong Component Shaft Mount is Unique to Nuggetfinder Coils.  The Injection Formed Polyarbonate Shaft Mount reduces the chance of cracking or damage to the coil by spreading the stress from the Detector Shaft across a wide area.  This Mounting point is then bonded directly to both the top and base of the coil housing.

  Compressed Divinycell Foam Core











The Core Material used in Every Nuggetfinder Evolution Coil is a High Density, Lightweight Divinycell Foam.    To ensure Long Term Reliable Operation Nuggetfinder have developed a Unique Method of infusing the Litz Winding into the Diviycell Foam.    The Litz Winding is carefully Hand Wound on a Former then placed between 2 layers of Divinycell. Once in position Expanding Foam is injected and the entire core is then compressed under pressure for several hours.  The result is a Super Rigid Design that will not allow movement and vibration of the winding, even after thousands of hours use.

Bonded Shielding


Shielding plays a crucial role in the overall performance and stability of any coil.  Most manufacturers use a layer of Paper or Cardboard that has been Screen Printed with a Graphite Paint of some type.  This shielding material is then connected to the earth of the detector through the cable.   While this method can work quite well initially, over time the connection often fails due to the Unreliable Designof the connection.

   To overcome this Shield Reliability Issue Nuggetfinder Coat the Entire Foam Core and use a much more reliable method of securing the connection between the Shielding and the cable.  

Tapered ABS Enclosure




   The outer casing of all Nuggetfinder Evolution Coils is manufactured from a Vacuum Formed, High Quality ABS plastic.  All Nuggetfinder Evolution plastic is sourced in Australia to Guarantee Quality and Consistency.

   To improve overall rigidity and strength Nuggetfinder Evolution Coils incorporate Raised Ridges into the design, this plays an important role in maintaining the coils rigidity and shape when exposed to the high temperatures it will encounter in the Gold Fields.

  Tapered Outer edges also improve the coils strength and allow the coil to travel more smoothly when coming into contact with rocks, sticks etc...  Traditionally Coil housings are joined on the under side below the skid plate, this places the join in the area most effected by impacts with the ground and rocks.  The Nuggetfinder Evolution Coil are joined at the top of the coil away from the high impact area, this has proven to greatly increase the integrity of the join over time.



  Pressure Regulation Valve





When Exposed to sunlight and high temperatures the air inside a coil can expand considerably.  This expanding air can cause the ABS plastic to expand and Distort.  To keep the Pressure Regulated and in balance with the outside Air Pressure all Nuggetfinder Evolution Coils are fitted with a Gore Pressure Vent.    This Device allows the Air Pressure to regulate Automatically without allowing any Water or Dust to enter the coil.  

Fully Bonded Design

   Every part of a Nuggetfinder Evolution Coil is bonded.  This eliminates the possibility of movement developing inside the coil even after years of use.  It also gives the coil a Rigid Feel, without the Wobble and Flex often seen in most other brands.

Spiral Wound Litz Winding

Litz Wire is used in all the Evolution Range.  Litz Wire consists of many Individual Insulated Strands and has been used in all Nuggetfinder Coils since the Early 1990's.   Essentially it is the Most Efficient Wire for the job.   All Evolution Coils are wound in a Flat Spiral Configuration.  (Lean More) This Winding Method greatly improves Sensitivity & Depth Capability when compared with Traditional Bundle Wound Coils of the same size.

Gold Plated Plugs 


   Maintaining a Good Consistent Contact between the Coil and the Detectors control box is essential.  Gold Plated Plugs are fitted to all Evolution Coils and a Dust Cover is supplied on the Plug to ensure the integrity of the connector is maintained when not in use.

Smooth Finish Skid Plates 



   All Nuggetfinder Evolution Coils are supplied with a Smooth Finish Skid Plate.  This Greatly Reduces the   Background Noise  created from contact with stones and rocks.   This is particularly important when

 using an external speaker as it allows the user to concentrate and focus on the Detector's Audio.

Water Proof 

All Evolution Coils are Guaranteed to be Water Proof to a Depth of 500mm.  

sanding foam.JPG