Raising the bar on Performance and Quality

Specifically developed to enhance the Minelab GPX Range

19" Round Evolution

Spiral Wound Mono  

(1120grams -Open Also Available in Closed Design)


Outstanding depth and Coverage 

This coil is primarily designed to target large, deep gold.

15" Round Evolution

Spiral Wound Mono

(940grams Open - 1000grams Closed)


With Depth Capability close to the 19" on  Large Gold and Superior Performance on small Gold, the 15" Evolution is a Great All - Rounder.  At only 940grams it is a Large Coil you can swing all day...


12" Round Evolution

Spiral Wound Mono 


   (Only Available in Closed Design)

Every Serious Prospector Should have one....

 The 12" Evolution has Outstanding Performance on Small to Medium sized gold.   Weight is only 815grams!

17"x13" Evolution

Spiral Wound Mono

(975grams Open - 1020grams Closed) 

Great Coverage, Sensitivity & Depth and Light Weight...

A Fantastic All Round Coil perfect for both the weekend Prospector or the Serious Professional...

24"x12" Evolution

Spiral Wound Mono   

(1070grams  Open - 1200grams Closed)

Need to Cover a Large Area without missing the small gold?     The 24"x12" has always been a popular size for Patch Hunting

 24" Coverage, Fantastic Sensitivity & Depth and only 1070 grams weight...

14"x9" Evolution

Spiral Wound Mono  (780grams)

(Only Available in Closed Design)

Super Sensitivity, Good Coverage, Lightweight, Easy Pin Pointing, Perfect for Scrubby Terrain....

One of our Biggest Sellers! 

12x8 Evo6.JPG

12"x8" Evolution

Spiral Wound Mono


Lightweight - 750 Grams

Sharp Signal Response  

Less EMI than the Larger Evo's

Perfect for Cleaning out your Patch...



A Serious Coil for Serious Gold Recovery

Only 1280 grams 

 Fantastic Depth 

 Stable Operation 

 Huge Coverage

Designed for Deep, Large Gold & Relics