Flat Wound - EVOLUTION Series


Bundle Wound - ADVANTAGE Series

The Nuggetfinder Advantage Series of Mono Coils are Bundle Wound using Litz Wire.  Bundle Winding refers to a method of winding where the individual turns of wire are grouped together to form what looks like a rope of wire.


The Evolution Series use the same type of Litz Wire however the individual turns of wire are laid side by side to form what looks like a flat strap of wire.  This method of winding is commonly referred to as a Flat or Spiral winding.




Flat winding produces a more efficient coil.   The result is a coil with improved depth and sensitivity across all

target sizes.  This method of winding has been used for many years in custom made and privately built coils however until recently it was only available commercially for a short period in the late 1990’s.




Cross Section of a Spiral Wound Coil produced in small volumes during the late 90's


What sets Nuggetfinder apart from the others?


Spiral Winding is considerably more difficult to produce without sacrificing Quality and Reliability.  To ensure build quality is not sacrificed Nuggetfinder have developed a unique method of producing a Spiral Winding that ensures there is no compromise to long term stability and performance.   

Every Evolution Coil winding is individually wound on a former then clamped under pressure between 2 layers of High Density Divinycell Foam. Prior to clamping an Expanding Foam is injected between the 2 layers of High Density Foam.   This process results in a core section that is both strong and rigid and guaranteed not to deteriorate during the life of the coil.  The Core is then bonded with our unique ABS & Polycarbonate component shell.